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Business courses

Business courses can play a vital role in building a successful career in any chosen business or industry. Kilroy's College currently offer six excellent business courses which will assist you in being more professional in your workplace and could help you achieve promotion with your current employer or to be successful in changing career.

Book-keeping & Accounts

This distance learning bookkeeping and accounting course assumes no previous knowledge and is designed to train the student on how to keep accounts in an orderly, systematic and professional manner.

Business Administration

This course is designed to prepare students for attaining a junior administrative position in a firm or an organisation. It can also help to prepare the learner for further study in a related field. It is generally suited to someone who plans to work in business.

Business Management

This course is designed to provide basic training in business management and can be recommended to the person who plans to work in business, needs a greater understanding of business today, or even intends to start a business.

Self-Employed Accounting & Taxation

The course has been specially designed for the self-employed person in any category, who is genuinely interested in setting up a basic method of keeping records.

Farm Accounting & Taxation

Today, farming is a business and whether you own a farm or are one of the household on a family farm, it is to your advantage to have a sound basic knowledge of farm accounts, taxation and annual reports.

Managing Your Work

Managing Your Work has been specially developed to introduce the student to the skills required to make the maximum success of Work. The course objective is to understand how we can change the way we run our working lives for the better.

Communication Skills

This course is designed to develop the student's ability to communicate in general, and in particular, to improve writing skills that are so important for job opportunities and promotion prospects.